We offer training and refresher courses in several areas of technology in the dismantling of rocks with the use of explosives, according to the company's need, much more comprehensive than the traditional blaster courses. We have international consultants and partners in the United States and Australia.

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing systems, Theory of Constraints, Toyota Production System or Lean Production applied to Mining and Blasting;

  • Implementation of a “mine-to-mill” system;

  • Influence of geology in blasting with explosives;

  • Influence of drilling on blasting with explosives;

  • Explosive formulations;

  • Accessories and initiation;

  • Fragmentation analysis;

  • Initial fire plan and refinement;

  • Environmental impact and measurement of vibration and noise;

  • Safety in use, transport and storage of explosives;

  • Use of explosives and relations with neighboring communities;

  • Special blasting (urban area, implosion);

  • Performance measurement of explosives and blasting accessories;

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